Lash Perfect


Eye Products

All of our lash perfect products from mascara, ultimate finishing glaze and eye make-up remover have been specially designed with oil free ingredients to help maintain and enhance your lash extensions.



Black Mascara

Water soluble, will not compromise the lash extension bond.

Clients should avoid oil based & water proof mascaras.

Apply Mascara to tips of lashes, ideal on natural lashes.


blck mascara
finishing glaze

Finishing Glaze

The oil free glaze seals the adhesive bond of the extension & imparts a gorgeous sheen.

Use daily to tame the lashes & add lustre with no need for removal.



Eye Make Up Remover

An oil free gentle Eye Make Up Remover used to remove make up & cleanse the eye area prior to application of Lash Perfect eyelash extensions.

Suitable on natural lashes.